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Choose Your Workshops

The pre-conference workshop programme on 30th & 31st August 2022 has something for every health professional. 

It has long been the tradition that prior to the formal Biennial General Meeting there is a two-day programme of technical workshops aimed at improving hands-on skills, learning new techniques and networking with peers from across the Pacific, and the 14th Biennial Conference in Samoa 2022, is no exception to the rule. 

This year we have a number of excellent options for you to consider, and we’re certain the hard part will be choosing only two workshops. 

PEMNet will be operating over two days with a specific emphasis on Training the Trainer. These workshops are an introduction to the newly revised second edition of the popular PEMNet programme, aimed at those who will be tasked with rolling out the programme in their own country in the near future. 

The OASIS workshop is also a very practical workshop programme focused on developing surgical skills and working through the importance of the WHO’s OASIS checklist. This workshop is most appropriate for those who regularly perform surgical duties as it will involve polishing suturing skills and practising other surgical skills. 

For midwives the excellent Midwifery Leadership Workshop presented by Professor Caroline Homer from the Burnet Institute will be as inspirational as it is practical. 

For more information and to select before the workshops sell out, please click through – 



Midwifery Leadership



Current Members Can Vote!

Are you ready to vote in new leaders of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health, in Samoa? 

If you are a current financial member of the PSRH then you can vote at the Biennial General Meeting, but unfortunately this opportunity is only open to current financial members. 

Do you have an up-to-date membership?

Membership email reminders will be posted out to members this week, along with a proxy form for those who wish to vote but cannot attend the meeting in person. 

This is an important time in our Society’s lifetime,  as we gather together post-COVID, we have the opportunity to place good leaders into position onto the board and into office so that we are marching strong and united into the future. 

This is the time to make a difference in Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Pacific.

But only those who are paid-up members of the Society are entitled to vote, so if your membership has lapsed please  pay the invoice that arrives in your email box this week, or go and select an appropriate membership so you are ready to either send your proxy vote with a friend (1 per person) or place it yourself at the 14th Biennial General Meeting of the PSRH on Saturday 2 September 2022. 


COVID Passport for PSRH Conference

Three weeks to go until the PSRH Conference in Samoa and the excitement is increasing. Samoa opened its borders on the 1 August 2022 to international travelers with no requirement to quarantine, and the country has already welcomed many plane loads of dignitaries, officials, and tourists back to beautiful! Alongside the open borders Samoa has posted its COVID Traveler Health Requirements. 

For all participants travelling to Samoa for the conference we recommend you check the details NOW so you have enough time to get COVID shots or hard copies of vaccination status. 

 The full itemised requirements are listed on this page Samoa Official Trave Updates, but here is a quick snapshot of the key items. 

Pre-departure Entry Requirements:

    • Fully Vaccinated (12 years and above)
    • Proof of Vaccination
    • Negative Covid-19 Test (Supervised RAT within 24-hours before departure or PCR within 48-hours of departure

This is to be followed by in-country RAT testing on Day 3 All passengers are to arrange and have a supervised Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) done at any public health facility or private clinic within the first 3 days of arrival.

Please note that ALL passengers 12 years and older must have a current COVID vaccination certificate and it must be printed out. No electronic copies, (such as the My Vaccine Pass on mobiles) will be permitted. 

All vaccination programmes must have been completed 2 weeks prior to arriving at the border. 

New Zealand Travellers

Please obtain your hard copy of your vaccination pass asap from your health professional, or local pharmacy. Plan your supervised RAT test at your local health clinic or pharmacy and have it printed out and signed to attach to your health declaration documentation. 

Australian Travellers 

Australian travellers please note that Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Novavax, or Moderna are all valid vaccinations. You may also be able to organsie a print out of your vaccination certificate and a supervised RAT test at your local health clinic, or pharmacy. 

Now is the time to get organised and get all your documents in place. Remember that anyone who does not have the correct certification (in printed copy!!) will be denied boarding, and we don’t want anyone to miss the plane. 

Don’t forget too that you need to register for the Conference and pay the registration fee now, unless you are a sponsored attendee. Don’t forget to choose your pre-conference workshops and organise your discounted accommodation using the code PSRH22 at the hotels listed. 

We are very excited to bring you a full programme and a time of learning, networking all against the warm background of legendary Samoan hospitality!