Are you ready to vote in new leaders of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health, in Samoa? 

If you are a current financial member of the PSRH then you can vote at the Biennial General Meeting, but unfortunately this opportunity is only open to current financial members. 

Do you have an up-to-date membership?

Membership email reminders will be posted out to members this week, along with a proxy form for those who wish to vote but cannot attend the meeting in person. 

This is an important time in our Society’s lifetime,  as we gather together post-COVID, we have the opportunity to place good leaders into position onto the board and into office so that we are marching strong and united into the future. 

This is the time to make a difference in Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Pacific.

But only those who are paid-up members of the Society are entitled to vote, so if your membership has lapsed please  pay the invoice that arrives in your email box this week, or go and select an appropriate membership so you are ready to either send your proxy vote with a friend (1 per person) or place it yourself at the 14th Biennial General Meeting of the PSRH on Saturday 2 September 2022.