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Choose Your Workshops

The pre-conference workshop programme on 30th & 31st August 2022 has something for every health professional. 

It has long been the tradition that prior to the formal Biennial General Meeting there is a two-day programme of technical workshops aimed at improving hands-on skills, learning new techniques and networking with peers from across the Pacific, and the 14th Biennial Conference in Samoa 2022, is no exception to the rule. 

This year we have a number of excellent options for you to consider, and we’re certain the hard part will be choosing only two workshops. 

PEMNet will be operating over two days with a specific emphasis on Training the Trainer. These workshops are an introduction to the newly revised second edition of the popular PEMNet programme, aimed at those who will be tasked with rolling out the programme in their own country in the near future. 

The OASIS workshop is also a very practical workshop programme focused on developing surgical skills and working through the importance of the WHO’s OASIS checklist. This workshop is most appropriate for those who regularly perform surgical duties as it will involve polishing suturing skills and practising other surgical skills. 

For midwives the excellent Midwifery Leadership Workshop presented by Professor Caroline Homer from the Burnet Institute will be as inspirational as it is practical. 

For more information and to select before the workshops sell out, please click through – 



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