PSRH Research Awards

PSRH Research Awards

PSRH offers ten Research Awards per annum to assist research capacity building in reproductive health in the Pacific region. Each award is to the value of NZ$500 and can be used to develop a larger research proposal or for paying expenses in performing a clinical audit. Where the awards are over-subscribed, priority will be given to projects that have part-funding from another source.

The criteria are:

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) is a financial member of PSRH
  2. The PI has ready access to the internet and a computer
  3. The project addresses a priority area/service
  4. Have the support of the Head of Unit/Ward/Service/Hospital
  5. Sound research/audit application and methods
  6. A research team (2-7 members) will perform the project with one member having performed research before
  7. Take no more than two years to complete
  8. Findings to be published in the Pacific Journal of Reproductive Health
  9. The application must be typed with referencing where appropriate

Applications on the linked form close 30th March 2018.


3 thoughts on “PSRH Research Awards”

  1. Annette Semo says:

    Hi,I’m a Nurse Midwife from Papua New Guinea,and a member of PSRH.
    I just finished a course in Bachelor of Nursing- Management and Education in 2017 and will graduating in 2018.
    I’am passionate about Clinical Audits and Research to help improve Maternal and Newborn Health in PNG and the Pacific.
    Please,kindly assist with information if i’am eligible to apply for a the scholarship.

    Many thanks

    1. Please submit a one page application stating
      Why the topic is a priority
      Best standard you are measuring your performance against
      List of data you will collect
      Where you will get it from
      Time to complete
      Signature of your manager/supervisor/HOD to say they support your project

      And then email to the PSRH Secretariat