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Training Remote Communities

Julian Mandof is a nurse from April River Sub-Health Centre which is located in the very remote part of the Ambuti District in the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. The health centre looks after 3162 people. This year, she is studying to be a midwife at the University of Goroka. There is no road to the health centre


Ultrasound Scan Workshop

RANZCOG/PSRH Basic and Advanced O&G Ultrasound training. Learning Outcomes for Basic and Advanced O&G Ultrasound trainingƂĀ include: 1. Increased knowledge and skills in how to use the machine, orientation, optimising image and getting the measurements right 2. Increased knowledge of Basic Fetal Anatomy 3.


Action needed to prevent cervical cancer

In the June issue of the Pacific Journal of Reproductive Health, Dr Rufina Latu in an editorial, wrote:

ā€œIn the Pacific, there is a need to establish simple, practical and yet cost-effective cancer control programmes. We need to work with experts and key departments to set standards, promote surveillance, encourageĀ evidence-basedĀ prevention, early detection and treatment, and palliative care tailored to different country settings and resource capacities. If well-planned, it is possible to establish a comprehensive cancer programme designed to reduce the number of cancer cases and deaths, and improve quality of life for cancer patients, through a systematic and equitable implementation of evidence-based strategies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and palliation, making the best use of available resources in a multi- disciplinary participatory approach.ā€Ā Ā The full article can be readĀ here

Fantastic Programme for The 12th PSRH Conference in Vanuatu

If you are not coming to the 12th PSRH Conference in Port Vila, then you will be missing out on a lot of fundamentals in professional development.Are you coming to the conference?
Dr Rufina Latu and her team in Prof Caroline Homer and Prof Glen Mola has put together a scientific programme that the PSRH Board are immensely proud of.
The copy of the programme can be viewed andĀ downloaded from here
The Local Organising Committee led by Dr Errollyn Tungu and Midwife Apisai TokonĀ have put together logistical support on the ground to support a large number of delegates descending on Port Vila. In fact, a large number of colleagues from the Solomon Islands have already started arriving. Errollyn has also put together a range of socialĀ events that the participants may choose to engage in while in picturesque Port Vila.
However, it in not too late to register. Ā Register NOW
In welcoming the delegates to Vanuatu, the Hon Minister of Health Jerome Ludvaune has this to say:
ā€œI would like to welcome all country delegates and Pacific leaders in the area of reproductive health to Vanuatu. We have much work to do to improve reproductive health in the region. Your discussions,Ā deliberations and recommendations will no doubt assist governments in the region including Vanuatu to accelerate progress. I understand this conference has gathered a rich mix of health professionals ā€“ including professors, specialists, doctors, midwives, nurses, researchers, public health specialists, program managers and so forth. I am pleased that our own Vanuatu health professionals are actively involved and will benefit from discussions to strengthen our own servicesĀ andĀ programs in reproductive health and maternity care.ā€
All accepted abstracts have been published in theĀ June 2017 issueĀ of the Pacific Journal of Reproductive Health.
We look forward to welcoming you all to Port Vila.


New PSRH Board elected

A new Board was elected at the recent Biennial General Meeting for the years 2017-2019.


PEMNeT lands in the Cook Islands

The PEMNet training for the doctors, nurses and midwives in the Cook Islands started soon after the PEMNeT Train-the-Trainers